I have won the title of "lawyer industry civilized unit in Jiangsu province"
The Justice Bureau of Yancheng City rates the director of the city's law office to visit me
I have been awarded the "65" middle term advanced collective title of Nanjing
Director Liu Hong was invited to give a special lecture on the units directly under the Nanjing Municipal Health Bureau
All lawyers learn "four in" the spirit of the plenary session
Jiangsu Liu Hong Law Firm held a series of training lawyers

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  As the founder of the Institute, Liu Hong's lawyer's life and professional experience has been given a legendary figure by his colleagues in the industry and the media". Lawyer Liu Hong through its own efforts and unique marketing model, and through its extraordinary charm and courage meticulously for the lawyers of the platform, the lawyer Liu Hong became a national excellent law firm, lawyer Liu Hong himself to become a well-known brand recognized legal services.

  In the past thirty years of practice, lawyer Liu Hong to its persistent pursuit, professional knowledge, skilled handling skills and the spirit of being highly responsible, successfully handled a large number have great influence at home and abroad case, as in 1993 the first national agency futures disputes (Jin Zhongfu Futures Dispute) at that time, Liu Hong's lawyer Chinese no futures legislative situation, forward-looking view first creatively put forward the behavior of the Department of duty behavior Futures Company brokers, and has been recognized by the court and then confirmed by the legislation, the trial of the case and as the agent of the lawyer Liu Hong, was also a major media coverage in domestic and abroad; the Jiangsu province first group labor dispute lawsuit, lawyer Liu Hong not only successfully helped more than 90 workers lifted the unemployment crisis, more importantly, he proposed "The fact that labor relations should be determined by the" agency comments and he wrote and published in the "Jiangsu Legal Daily" on the "labor relation of fact cognizance and treatment" article caused domestic law and Practice on the fact that labor relations in the intense discussion, ending six or seven years after the trial of the case, this view Liu Hong's lawyer has been confirmed by the legislation; at the same time, Liu Hong's lawyer is also the agent of Jiangsu province is the biggest suspected underworld crime case and the case of illegal deposits from the public and in the province have a significant impact on foreign investment disputes and other cases.

  Mr. Liu Hong has served as the legal counsel of Nanjing Municipal Bureau of civil affairs, the management of Religious Affairs Bureau, Education Bureau, Health Bureau, the housing provident fund management center, economic cooperation office, Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, channel management and part of the District People's government and other government departments at the same time, lawyer Liu Hong also served as legal counsel, and many domestic large and medium-sized enterprises foreign invested enterprises for many years, Mr. Liu Hong also served as Nanjing TV station, including "Yangzi Evening News", dozens of news media and section chief legal counsel, the decision to provide full legal services for the planning. Liu Hong's legendary experience and unique marketing management mode is also related to media reports: Chinese lawyer newspaper: "insist Aoyama do not relax" and Xinhua Daily: "Liu Hong:" play "out of fame", Nanjing Daily: "feel the Liu Hong" and Nanjing TV station: "Liu Hong" and so on. It is the professional duty, professional skills and charisma based on the concept of lawyer Liu Hong has been awarded the first "Jiangsu province famous law", Jiangsu province "excellent lawyer of Nanjing city", the first, second "top ten lawyers" and "people with law", "Nanjing second outstanding China socialist builders" etc. honorary title.

  As a well-known lawyer and social activist, Mr. Liu Hong has actively participated in and discussed government affairs, and has been committed to promoting the process of rule of law and social welfare undertakings in china. Has served as the Nanjing Municipal Committee of the Tenth CPPCC National Committee, eleventh session and twelfth session of the Standing Committee, the thirteenth Committee, Nanjing University Research Institute, France part-time researcher of Nanjing Lawyers Association, vice president of the Nanjing Lawyers Association Deputy Supervisor Liu Hong lawyer for many years actively for the government solve problems and resolve conflicts, he raised many people's livelihood the proposals and suggestions of all relevant departments attach great importance. In order to accelerate the process of China's legal education, Mr. Liu Hong repeatedly invited for the province and outside Army school, government agencies, enterprises and institutions, Entrepreneurs Association and the chamber of Commerce to carry out special law, hundreds of times, the community was known as "the famous legal experts".

  The legendary occupation lawyer Liu Hong experience and practice philosophy, also caused the writer, educator, politician and social activist in an international cooperation committee chairman, international celebrities MS Chen Xiangmei and the outstanding performance of entrepreneurs, the U.S. - China Federation of industry and commerce, honorary president of United States President of Asian American Chamber of Commerce and industry Mr. Xie Xintan's attention. At the same time, as the United States zonsen International Holdings Limited chairman honorary chairman of the board of directors Ms. Chen Xiangmei and Mr. Xie Xintan, in the long-term exchanges and cooperation in the process, and the lawyer Liu Hong forged a profound friendship, and accept the invitation, as a senior adviser to the Jiangsu overseas Liu Hong lawyer.

  In April 2009, in order to respond positively to the global financial crisis, Liu Hong lawyers visited the United States at the invitation of chairman of the board of directors of the United States Investment Limited, mr.. On April, Eric Holder, Minister of the federal justice department of 6 U. S. - Japan, personally met with Liu Hong, the first person to whom the Chinese Minister of justice met with the Chinese lawyer. During his visit to the United States, Liu Hong's lawyer formed a cooperative alliance with eight law firms, such as Johnson company and the United States press. To study the impact of the financial crisis on the current legal service industry; to explore and seek business cooperation and exchanges between China and the U.S. law firm, to build a bridge and link for overseas investors investment behavior of Sino US, to expand the field of their foreign investment and scale; to provide quality and efficient legal services and make full use of their domestic legal system research other investors and entities in their respective territories, to the other investors and the entity to provide full and feasible legal protection. At present