I have won the title of "lawyer industry civilized unit in Jiangsu province"
The Justice Bureau of Yancheng City rates the director of the city's law office to visit me
I have been awarded the "65" middle term advanced collective title of Nanjing
Director Liu Hong was invited to give a special lecture on the units directly under the Nanjing Municipal Health Bureau
All lawyers learn "four in" the spirit of the plenary session
Jiangsu Liu Hong Law Firm held a series of training lawyers

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We hold the second comprehensive forum for education lawyers in accordance with the law

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September12,theInstituteheldthesecondfull-timelawenforcementlawyersforum,LiuHong,directorofthepartybranchsecretary,deputydirectorMaZhanhenglawyerasspeaker. Thethemeoftheforum:studyandimplementtheparty
September 12, the Institute held the second full-time law enforcement lawyers forum, Liu Hong, director of the party branch secretary, deputy director Ma Zhanheng lawyer as speaker.
The theme of the forum: study and implement the party's eight eight, the Fourth Plenary Session and General Secretary Xi Jinping on the rule of law and the important theory of socialist rule of law, to guide lawyers firmly establish the concept of socialist rule of law, unswervingly take the Chinese characteristics Socialist rule of law, consciously safeguard the dignity of the Constitution and the law, do follow the law, law, law enforcement and usage model. Ma lawyers focus on three aspects from the interpretation:
(1) Deeply understand the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Party. The Third Plenary Session of the comprehensive reform measures, on the one hand, focus on the continuity of national policy, on the one hand is a deeper level of social fundamental problems involved in the reform. Promote the reform of the rule of law for other aspects of reform has a significant impact: First, adhere to and improve the basic economic system requires legal support; Second, the establishment of the market system needs to improve the legal system and the system to adapt to the third is to speed up the construction of ecological civilization The fourth is to strengthen the power of the operation of the constraints and supervision system requires the support of legal authority.
(2) Deeply understand the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Party. The Fourth Plenary Session will focus on the organic unity of ruling the country according to law and fairness and justice. From the aspects of legislation, law enforcement, judicial and law-abiding, the four parties have made all-round deployment to promote social fairness and justice according to law. Learning and implementing the spirit of the plenary session, an important aspect is to practice in the construction of socialist rule of law, to achieve scientific legislation, strict law enforcement, impartial justice and law enforcement, the rule of law to protect fairness and justice. The vitality of the law lies in the implementation, the authority of the law is also the implementation of: First, strict law enforcement is the key. "To solve the law enforcement is not standardized, not strict, opaque, uncivilized and other issues, only to punish corruption in law enforcement in order to ensure that the law is fair and effective implementation of the law, Firmly establish the authority of the rule of law. Second, justice has an important leading role. "Whether the magistrate, the operation can not be correct." Whether to ensure that the independent exercise of justice and procuratorial power, or to optimize the allocation of judicial power to better serve the people, or improve the people's jury system to protect the people involved in justice, are In order to improve the judicial management system and the judicial power to run, regulate the judicial behavior, strengthen the supervision of judicial activities, so that the people in every judicial case to feel fair and justice. Once again the law is based on the law. "From the leading cadres, the fear of the law of the heart, take the lead in abide by the law, take the lead in accordance with the law, and assume responsibility for the construction of the rule of law; at the same time, the law of the people, Carry forward the spirit of socialist rule of law, so that all the people have become the faithful advocates of the socialist rule of law, self-respect and defenders.
(C) how to play the role of lawyers in the rule of law. The Third Plenary Session of the Eighth Central Committee of the Party pointed out the direction for the development of the lawyers' career. General Secretary Xi Jinping, when he listened to the work report of the Ministry of Justice, made it clear that he should actively promote the construction of lawyers. At present, the lawyers in our country are generally healthy and upside, but it is undeniable that a small number of lawyers have violated professional and professional disciplines and other serious phenomena, which is contrary to the role of lawyers. Give full play to the role of lawyers in the rule of law in the country, to adhere to the following: First, firmly support the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. Party leadership is the fundamental guarantee for the construction of socialist rule of law. Lawyers must resolutely implement the party's line of principles and policies in practice. The second is to firmly support the socialist rule of law. Enhance the political awareness of lawyers, the overall consciousness and sense of responsibility, and resolutely resist the violation of our constitution, all kinds of erroneous ideas and the infiltration and utilization of foreign hostile forces. Third, always adhere to practice according to law. Strict implementation of the "Lawyers Law", "lawyers practice code of conduct", according to the law to exercise the right to practice, to fulfill their duties and duties, standardize the practice, adhere to the practice of law, efforts to maintain the constitutional and legal dignity. Fourth, always adhere to the integrity of practice. Lawyers should firmly establish the integrity of service awareness and the correct interests of the concept, pay attention to integrity-based, adhere to professional conduct, and resolutely resist the trend of profitability. Five is always adhere to standard practice. The basic requirements for practicing practice are strict lawyer practice standards and practice rules. The core requirement is that lawyers practice must adhere to the bottom line of law and morality.
According to the requirements of the judicial administrative organs, each lawyer to complete a comprehensive education according to the law experience. Above only with all the lawyers encourage each other.
Partner, studio Pan Jianwu lawyers on behalf of the partners at the forum made "on the revision of" Jiangsu Liu Hong law firm internal management rules "note: First, according to the spirit of the party's eighteen, to further improve the" party branch construction "Second, according to the management system reform, to further rationalize the internal management system; Third, in recent years to form the" sporadic "provisions into the" unified "norms.
In his concluding remarks, Director Liu Hong informed the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Law Firm on August 19. The meeting gave a positive point to the situation of carrying out comprehensive education in accordance with the law in accordance with the law. The meeting conducted a positive guide from the positive aspects of the meeting on the misunderstanding of some comprehensive education according to law. Liu Zhuren pointed out: Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the central government has attached great importance to the development of lawyers and the construction of lawyers. General Secretary Xi Jinping, when he listened to the report of the Ministry of Justice, made it clear that he should actively promote the construction of lawyers. The joint meeting of the National Lawyers' Work Conference is also a testament to this. Jiangsu Liu Hong law firm self-built so, always the construction of the ranks of lawyers in the first place, and therefore the creation of their own brand, access to the National Excellent Law Firm, the provincial civilized units and a series of honorary titles, and attracted the territory Many foreign counterparts before the visit to visit the study, the management experience and system construction has been the provincial and municipal Bureau and the provincial and municipal law firm affirmation and promotion. In order to consolidate the results of comprehensive education in accordance with the law and further strengthen the construction of lawyers, since the beginning of the special education, the law firm will revise the internal management rules on the agenda, the two partners to discuss and discuss with the party branch to formulate amendments, Pan Jianwu lawyers on behalf of the partnership People made a statement on the revised views, I hope you fully express their views, and strive to new management rules in the content is more new, more stringent system, more unified management, the chapter is more standardized. Here are three comments:
First, to enhance the lawyer's organizational concepts and awareness. Lawyers professional characteristics, the objective is easy to dilute the organizational concept and unit awareness, and some out of the case or due to private affairs from the delay time is not timely report, there are individual cases of accidents do not want to add unit trouble and not timely report. Whether it is the effect or goodwill, are more or less reflected in the lawyers in the organization there is a weak concept of organizational and unit awareness is not strong phenomenon. In order to strengthen the construction of lawyers, but also responsible for the individual lawyers, I solemnly emphasize two points: First, each lawyer should effectively enhance the organizational concept and unit awareness, where the delay from time to time must be reported in case of accident should be more timely Report; Second, the Executive Office to be accurate registration of lawyers personal file information, improve the contact information to prepare when necessary inquiries.
Second, grasp the implementation and implementation of the legal system. The new management rules passed by the General Assembly will be introduced, but the system no matter how good, poor implementation or management is not in place is useless. Adhere to two: First, consciously abide by and consciously implement; Second, careful inspection and supervision in place, departments, administrative offices to take up the management responsibilities. Emphasis on the two: one is the case to do a month within the provisions of the provisions of the rules and order out of the file and transferred to the administrative office, the Office of the Office of the archives; one is going out of handling cases or private leave, insist on sales and real registration and lock the time.
Third, to enhance the lawyer's own quality and image. Lawyers to be looked at the social elite, the natural society of lawyers on the high degree of recognition, to see the appearance is not like a lawyer, that lawyer image is a problem. Image is the external performance of the quality of the image of a problem that there are defects in the quality. Literacy is the cultivation and will temper and focus on the will, will determine the success or failure, and some lawyers are also very serious, but the results are not obvious. 1 - 8 months all income presented three kinds of situation: First, the overall upward; Second, Jiangning reception center development situation continues to be optimistic; Third, the gap between the larger lawyers. The latter situation also reflects the gap between the lawyers from one side. I still stressed: big eyes, small start, improve the quality from the focus on the image to start, enhance the image from the attention to the beginning of the dress, which is to raise the starting point of the quality of lawyers.