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Nanjing Law Association introduced lawyers to serve the city's economic development and social stability eight opinions

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In order to actively cope with the adverse effects of the international financial and economic crisis, give full play to the overall situation of lawyers, promote economic development, maintain social harmony and stability of the functions of the city's economy and society to ensure stable and rapid development. December 14, 2008 Nanjing Law Association held the twenty-second president of the office of the special study and introduced the "positive response to the financial crisis to serve the city's economic development and social stability of a number of opinions" and issued the city The law firm.
First, enhance the overall awareness of services to promote sustainable economic and social development. Promote the party and the government to expand domestic demand, protect and improve the people's livelihood policy implementation, integration of advantages of legal services resources for the government to speed up the people's livelihood projects, infrastructure, ecological environment and other construction to provide quality and efficient legal services.
Second, earnestly fulfill the legal service responsibilities, to help enterprises to maximize the prevention of financial risks. Take the initiative to intervene in business risk assessment, debt settlement, bankruptcy protection, mergers and acquisitions, liquidation, debt preservation and other fields; to guide enterprises to standardize contract management, the establishment of risk prevention and credit management system.
Third, the use of legal means to prevent and resolve the city's financial institutions operating risks. In the implementation of the municipal government to deal with the financial crisis in the process of countermeasures, and effectively improve the quality of financial development for the economy to prevent and resolve the financial institutions operating risks.
Fourth, according to the law to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, due to the financial crisis caused by the various disputes arising. In the process of handling the international trade, financing and loanation, sale and purchase contract, sale of commercial housing, construction project arrears, labor contract and bankruptcy liquidation arising from the financial crisis, the litigation guidance and risk explanation are strengthened, and the diversified dispute settlement Mechanism, resolve contradictions, ease the pressure of enterprise survival.
Fifth, timely resolve labor disputes, and consciously maintain social harmony and stability. Guide enterprises to standardize employment management, and actively participate in labor dispute mediation work, the timely elimination of labor risks. Adhere to the group visit, group v. Cases and mass dispute reporting system, enhance the overall awareness and sense of responsibility to promote the construction of harmonious labor relations, and safeguard the city's social harmony and stability.
Six is ​​to strengthen business research and guidance to improve the ability to respond to the international financial crisis. City Lawyers Association of the specialized, professional committee to further strengthen the economic operation and financial crisis response measures may involve legal issues in the investigation and study, to strengthen the agent involved in financial crisis cases of research and guidance.
Seven is to actively carry out legal aid work, full implementation of social responsibility. Continue to do a good job in legal aid work, give full play to lawyers in resolving the contradictions in the advantages and characteristics, and actively fulfill their social responsibility, to maintain social stability.
Eight is to strengthen the lawyer industry's own construction, to promote the good and fast development of lawyers in Nanjing. Law firms should strengthen their own organizational training and operational capacity training, to prevent and resolve the risks in the business, and actively respond to challenges and opportunities; lawyers in the implementation of relevant business norms at the same time, the implementation of monitoring, summary, timely business warning, Ability and business level, to promote the rapid development of lawyers in Nanjing.