I have won the title of "lawyer industry civilized unit in Jiangsu province"
The Justice Bureau of Yancheng City rates the director of the city's law office to visit me
I have been awarded the "65" middle term advanced collective title of Nanjing
Director Liu Hong was invited to give a special lecture on the units directly under the Nanjing Municipal Health Bureau
All lawyers learn "four in" the spirit of the plenary session
Jiangsu Liu Hong Law Firm held a series of training lawyers

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We hold the third comprehensive education lawyer forum according to law

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October24,theInstituteheldthethirdissueoflawyersforum,continuetocarryoutacomprehensiveeducationinaccordancewiththelaw.LiuHong,directorofthepresidedover,PanJianwu,WangYungang,ZhangChunlawyerspeaker. Ac
October 24, the Institute held the third issue of lawyers forum, continue to carry out a comprehensive education in accordance with the law. Liu Hong, director of the presided over, Pan Jianwu, Wang Yungang, Zhang Chun lawyer speaker.
According to the Ministry of Justice on the overall work in the ranks of lawyers to carry out the overall requirements of education and the City Bureau of Justice specific arrangements, Pan Jianwu lawyers to interpret the way with all the lawyers to learn the "law firm management approach", "law firm annual inspection and assessment methods" , "Lawyers business file management approach" and "lawyer business file filing system" and other management practices. Pan Jianwu lawyers clear: we are well aware of the four management practices is to implement the "Lawyers Law" supporting documents, law firms and lawyers according to the law and practice according to law, integrity practice, standardize the important basis for practicing, but also an important law-based education content. The purpose of the relapse is to help you to further familiarize yourself with the basic norms of law firms and lawyers' occupations, and to further establish a professional concept of practicing according to law, practicing integrity and practicing.
Wang Yungang, Zhang Chun, two lawyers were introduced at the forum to participate in senior business training and related experience and practice sentiment. On September 11, Mr. Wang Yungang participated in the fourth high-level training course on electronic data evidence held in Nanjing. At the forum, Wang lawyer highlighted the latest developments in the development of electronic data evidence and its application should pay attention to the problem: electronic data as a relatively new type of evidence in the litigation will play an increasingly important role in recent years, research shows that: electronic data with Technical dependency, form complexity, storage and delivery of the hidden, easy to change and other characteristics. October 11 to 16, Zhang Chun lawyers participated in the Shanghai Stock Exchange 39 listed companies independent director qualification training. Mr. Zhang communicated his own practice by the training: the relationship between the new business and the traditional business, the relationship between ritual and dress, the relationship between quality and learning. Zhang lawyer said: In fact, these issues are the directors usually on the basic requirements of our lawyers and often stressed that because of the training seen and heard and deep thinking, or understanding of a leap.
Director Liu Hong gave a point of praise for the three lawyers. In summary of the Institute to carry out a comprehensive education in accordance with the law, Liu Hong, director pointed out that Jiangsu Liu Hong law firm attaches great importance to the ranks of lawyers in a comprehensive education in accordance with the law: July 29, law firm partners held a special meeting and timely Make a deployment. August 2, September 12 and today, has carried out three comprehensive education in accordance with the law: the first education, the party branch secretary, deputy director Ma Zhanheng lawyers to convey the July 9 Provincial Department of Justice video telephone conference spirit and City Law Bureau, City Lawyers Association after the deployment of education, divided into three topics that "'three Yan three real' the basic content", "lawyers in the 'rule by law, according to the rule of the party' in the status and role" and "lawyers how to standardize "The second education, Ma lawyer from the" deep understanding of the party's spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth, "a profound understanding of the spirit of the Eighth Central Committee of the Fourth Plenary Session" and "how to play Lawyers in the rule of law in the role of the role of "three aspects of a comprehensive counseling; the third time that this comprehensive education according to law. From the implementation of the comprehensive education according to the law of the deployment point of view, the requirements of the Institute completed in the ranks of lawyers in a comprehensive legal education tasks and achieved tangible results: at the legal level, adhere to the side of education, while practice, Regulations and requirements, revised the "Jiangsu Liuhong law firm internal management rules" to further improve the internal management of the firm; at the lawyer level, all the lawyers in addition to individual special circumstances are actively participated in the whole education and writing a learning experience Experience, in which the experience of party members lawyers also "party branch learning garden" exchange, worthy of praise. Of course, the actual effect is still in the future practice can do three "always adhere to", that is always adhere to the law practice, and always adhere to the integrity of practice and always adhere to standardize the practice. Here I focus on two issues:
First, the standardization of management issues. Pan jianwu lawyers interpretation of the four normative documents, law firms and lawyers practice standardized management issues, to strengthen the standardization of law firm management is also with the comprehensive education according to law. It is hoped that each lawyer will earnestly study and master these four documents and implement it in his own practice to further standardize the practice of lawyers, including the standardized management of law firms, annual assessment, filing and archival management. Of course, the premise is still rely on each of our lawyers, as always, regular practice.
Second, new knowledge learning problems. Law to develop, lawyers to develop, can not do without learning, especially new knowledge of learning. Wang Yungang, Zhang Chun, respectively, two lawyers to participate in the training of the situation, the exchange of income and practice experience, are very good. The content of the exchange is focused on the point that new knowledge includes the importance of business knowledge learning. "Internet technology development by leaps and bounds, with each passing day, such as the network on file, large data, and lawyers and even lawyers have a close relationship assessment, keep up with the trip, your business will shrink, backward The On the business knowledge learning, according to their own characteristics: adhere to the traditional business should have such a business to do fine subjective consciousness; innovative business must first learn and absorb new knowledge of the ideological preparation. Or the old saying goes: "The opportunity is always reserved for those who are prepared."