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Jiangsu Liu Hong Law Firm held a series of training lawyers

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The Institute held a comprehensive forum for the education of law lawyers

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In order to conscientiously implement the Provincial Department of Justice, the provincial lawyers Association "on the province's lawyers in the implementation of a comprehensive education in accordance with the law of the implementation of the views" and the City Council, the City Lawyers Association deployment, August 2, the Institute held a comprehensive legal education lawyers Forum, director Liu Hong, all lawyers to participate.
The current forum by the party secretary of the law firm, deputy director Ma Zhanheng lawyer as speaker. Ma lawyers to the whole lawyers to seriously convey the July 9 Provincial Department of Justice Department of the contents of the teleconference and the City Council, the City Lawyers Association education deployment, from three aspects of interpretation and understanding in the lawyers to carry out a comprehensive education according to the law content:
First, the "three strict three real" basic content. "Three strict three real" is the general secretary of Xi Jinping on the promotion of style of construction of important speech, requiring party members and cadres, especially the leading cadres are strict with self-cultivation, strict with the right, strict self-discipline and seeking truth, entrepreneurship, real life. Interpretation of the content: strict to self-cultivation is to strengthen the party spirit, strengthen the ideal and faith, to enhance the moral realm, the pursuit of noble sentiment, consciously away from the low taste, consciously resist the unhealthy tendencies; strict use is to adhere to the right to the people, System to exercise the power to put the power into the system of the cage, at any time do not engage in privileges, not the right to seek personal gain; strict self-discipline is to be in awe, hand, cautious, diligent, conscientious, It is in line with the objective laws, in line with the scientific spirit, ambitious, not divorced from reality; business is really to be down to earth, and really work hard to do the work, , To dare to take responsibility, courage to face contradictions, good at solving problems, and strive to create practical, people, historical test performance; life is really to the party, to the organization, to the people, honest and honest, To be honest, dry and pragmatic, staterious and honest. "Three Yan three real" is to carry forward the spirit of nails, to maintain the strength, to maintain tenacity, good beginning and end, good for good, continue to make new achievements in style work. Personal understanding: how to practice lawyers "three strict three real"? First of all to the ideological, emotional and theoretical recognition as the premise; followed by party spirit and rational promotion as the goal; again from the ideological cut for personal gain and damage Lawyer image of the phenomenon. "Three strict three real" covers all aspects of social life, is the basic requirements of party members and lawyers life guidelines, but also for non-party members to lead the correct direction of practice lawyers have important guiding significance.
Second, lawyers in the "rule of law, according to the rule of law" in the status and role. After the Fourth Plenary Session of the Party made the "comprehensively promote the resolution of ruling the country according to law", General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the "four comprehensive" strategic goals and initiatives of comprehensively building a well-off society, comprehensively deepening reform, comprehensively promoting the rule of law and governing the rule by law. With the deepening of the construction of the rule of law in China, lawyers in the national rule of law in the construction of the status and role of increasingly important. The status and role of lawyers in "governing the country according to law" are mainly manifested in five aspects: scientific legislation, fair justice, law enforcement, strict law enforcement and legal supervision. Lawyers highlight the role of anti-corruption in "rule by law". In the specific interpretation of the two status and role, Ma lawyer stressed: each of our lawyers should be clear their status and role, consciously to promote the rule of law in an all-round way, make a positive contribution to the rule of law.
Third, in the current new situation, lawyers should be how to practice according to law. Ma lawyer that: the law line, then the country. Lawyers are an important part of the rule of law, but also an important force to ensure the implementation of the law. Since the Fourth Plenary Session, the state has taken measures to give full play to the role of lawyers, respect and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of lawyers groups, once the "three difficulties" that is difficult to collect evidence, difficult to read and difficult to see the problem is gradually resolved, Reform the judicial system, for the practice of lawyers to create a more favorable environment and conditions. Building a socialist country under the rule of law, lawyers promising, coordinated to promote the "four comprehensive" strategy, look forward to the lawyers to play a better role. However, often in this excellent situation, there will always be some lawyers practice incompatible problems, which is undoubtedly a good situation poured cold water, such as Beijing Fengrui law firm case. On the media reports, Zhou Shifeng and other very few lawyers as "famous" and seek improper interests, under the guise of "rights", "justice" and "public welfare" in the name of interference with the normal judicial order, disrupt the stability of social order, this behavior And the Law of the People's Republic of China Lawyers and the practice of lawyers and lawyers of professional ethics runs counter to, is not a lawyer's practice. In view of this, I personally think: to take the "side door left", for the purpose of unscrupulous, blatantly over the rule of law "red line", apparently deviated from the lawyer's professional standards, and legitimate rights, justice and public interest has nothing to do. At this point, the lawyer has no "immunity". It is certain that the mainstream of the Chinese lawyers is playing an important role in comprehensively promoting the rule of law, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, maintaining the correct implementation of the law and maintaining social fairness and justice. It is not only a necessary requirement for the broad masses of lawyers to create a better practice environment, but also to better protect the lawyers' practice rights and avoid the "bad money to drive out good money". I would like to share with all the lawyers.
Director Liu Hong summed up the current lawyers forum: the old horse to convey the provincial Justice Department of the spirit of the telephone and telephone conference and the City Bureau of Justice, the City Lawyers Association education deployment, interpretation of the lawyers in the ranks of a comprehensive education in accordance with the law content, Made a personal opinion, very educated, I feel very good. As the old horse said, the law firm on the full rule of law education is very important, special meeting made research deployment, the following also according to plan. Here I focus on lawyers practice according to law and then make the following three points stressed:
First, keep a clear mind. A law firm and every lawyer, in any practice environment, should keep a clear head. Jiangsu Liu Hong law firm self-built so, no matter how the practice environment changes, always maintain two: not inferiority is not arrogant. To do these two is not easy, the key is to keep a clear head.
Second, strengthen their own cultivation. How to keep a clear mind? Keep the head of the key is to strengthen their own self-cultivation, and strengthen their self-cultivation is the premise of learning to learn. I mentioned this problem more than once, you are ignorant, it is inevitable that the crowd, drift, no assertive, no no somersault. Lawyers not only to work, but also to look up the way, lawyers practice from small to see a case, adhere to fairness and justice, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, to Dali is to promote the rule of law to build the country. After the Fourth Plenary Session, the Central Political and Legal Work Conference stressed that the two: give full play to the role of lawyers and lawyers to rectify. And some lawyers such as Zhou Shifeng and other one-sided understanding of the lawyer's "spring" to, so forget, so even who they do not know, do not know the legal community is between checks and balances, lawyers are only part of it. "Three strict" in the first strict is to self-cultivation, the Communist Party of self-cultivation, the party does not speak? We often say that lawyers are social elite, of course, to strict self-cultivation. So I agree with the old horse's point of view: "strict to self-cultivation for non-party members to lead the correct direction of practice has an important guiding significance."
Third, adhere to practice according to law. Lawyers practicing in accordance with the law, which is in our regular talk. According to reports, Beijing Fengrui's problem is that a small number of lawyers such as Zhou Shifeng do not speak, do not abide by the law, violated the legal bottom line, it was said that "excessive rights", which is at least confused argument, never so simple to see the problem, hope to cause everyone The attention. Want to know how to make money, itself is not a bad thing, or that old saying: "gentleman love money, in a proper way", lawyers can not name and benefit slaves.