I have won the title of "lawyer industry civilized unit in Jiangsu province"
The Justice Bureau of Yancheng City rates the director of the city's law office to visit me
I have been awarded the "65" middle term advanced collective title of Nanjing
Director Liu Hong was invited to give a special lecture on the units directly under the Nanjing Municipal Health Bureau
All lawyers learn "four in" the spirit of the plenary session
Jiangsu Liu Hong Law Firm held a series of training lawyers

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Summed up the reform notification performance management

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June6morning,LiuHong,directoroftheconveningofallthestaffmeeting,summedupthereformandinnovationofthelaw,informed1-5monthperformance,standardizetherelevantmanagement. First,thedeploymentandimplementatio
June 6 morning, Liu Hong, director of the convening of all the staff meeting, summed up the reform and innovation of the law, informed 1 - 5 month performance, standardize the relevant management.
First, the deployment and implementation of the reform and its new weather
Director Liu Hong first of all this year to reform and deployment of the implementation of a comprehensive summary of the situation: First, the deployment of reform. To further strengthen the management of the law firm, the introduction of innovative initiatives, the beginning of the year, Liu Hong, director of the beginning of brewing reform initiatives, respectively, held a small forum or individual talks, multi-side comments. On March 28, the law firm held all the lawyers' meeting, deployed two important reform initiatives: one is the law firm moving, moved to the new site; the other is the appointment of deputy director and department director, and gave the conditions of appointment, The former is to change the legal environment, the latter is to strengthen the management of the law. Second, the implementation of reform. In order to promote the implementation of the reform, the partners have held two meetings, the first time is to regulate the administrative and financial work; the second division of labor, respectively, clear the partners, deputy director, director, including executive director and finance The duties of the supervisor. April 17 (Friday), the law moved to move to the new site; May 1, the partners appointed four deputy director and seven head office in place. Third, the reform of the new atmosphere. New office environment and new management mechanism since the operation of the law of the new one. It is worth praising is that in the process of moving to the new site, the relevant lawyers and administrative staff in Liu Hong, director of personally led, day and night overtime, unity and cooperation, 1 day moving (working day) 2 days finishing (rest day) Work efficiency, before and after 3 days all in place, the new week began all the lawyers into the normal operation of the state.
Second, the development of the law firm.
Director Liu Hong informed the progress of the income of the lawyers from January to May, and under the influence of the relocation, all the income was still flat with the same period last year, among which Jiangning reception center's business volume and income generation had a relatively large increase. It should be said that the development of the income of the law this year is good, but also fully shows the strength of the lawyers and the new operation mechanism of a good start.
"51" on the eve of the local lawyers Li Jingong won the title of labor model in Nanjing, which is the only lawyer in the city won the award, Liu Hong, director of specially made for his praise. Li Jingnong at the meeting made an impromptu speech, all the participants reported with warm applause expressed sincere congratulations.
Third, strengthen and regulate the internal management of the law firm
Director Liu Hong conveyed the spirit of the meeting of the city's lawyer management meeting held by the Municipal Bureau of Justice on May 22, and the meeting informed the internal management and service quality of the city's law firm in 2014. The meeting required honest education in the city's lawyer industry and Introduced supporting measures to improve the management of the city's lawyers industry level.
Liu Hong, director pointed out that the full play of the role of lawyers in the lawyer industry to carry out rectification education, is the national political and legal work conference on the basic requirements of the lawyer industry, the core of the purpose of rectification education is to strengthen the lawyers and lawyers integrity and norms. Jiangsu Liu Hong law firm self-built so, always pay attention to integrity and norms, not only for the lawyers, including those who go out to build a lawyer, I have always asked: First, norms, the second is self-discipline. Speaking of norms can not be self-willed, self-discipline is necessary to practice integrity, which is the most basic requirements of lawyers. I have always stressed: Liu Hong's lawyer will not allow unauthorized charges, in the past so, now so, the future is still the case! A qualified lawyer should know "gentleman love, in a proper way", strict practice discipline, this is the lawyer's Minute. And a good lawyer, not only the lawyer as a career, but also as a career, such a lawyer is a taste of lawyers. On the standardized management, director Liu Hong made three requirements:
First, strict case filing system. The implementation of six months before the end of each year before the end of June and before the end of December, each lawyer must be required to deal with their own case into a volume sent to the administrative office archives, verified by the Executive Office, do not meet the requirements of the regulatory documents returned to the lawyer I re-specification after the file.
Second, strict lawyers on duty system. Duty lawyers must be on time; in case of the situation can not be on duty, and should be in advance with other lawyers transfer classes.
Third, strict reporting system. Lawyers in court or other legal affairs, or because of private affairs and other needs of the departure, must be informed of the reasons for leaving and the time required to strictly implement a reporting system.