I have won the title of "lawyer industry civilized unit in Jiangsu province"
The Justice Bureau of Yancheng City rates the director of the city's law office to visit me
I have been awarded the "65" middle term advanced collective title of Nanjing
Director Liu Hong was invited to give a special lecture on the units directly under the Nanjing Municipal Health Bureau
All lawyers learn "four in" the spirit of the plenary session
Jiangsu Liu Hong Law Firm held a series of training lawyers

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Director Liu Hong was invited to visit the Xuanwu District Government to do the "understanding and application of the rule of la

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In order to comprehensively carry out the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Party, deepen the administration of the law in accordance with the law and solve the difficult problems in administrative law enforcement. At the invitation of the Legislative Affairs Office of the Xuanwu District of Nanjing, the Director of the Administration, the Chief Counsel of the District Government Hong lawyer on April 10, 2015 to "rule of law thinking and the rule of law understanding and application of" the theme to the Xuanwu District streets and administrative law enforcement units in charge of leadership, business backbone, part of the district administrative law enforcement supervisors, district administrative reconsideration committee A total of more than 600 people conducted a special training.

In the training, Liu Hong lawyer through a large number of typical detailed case analysis, targeted to the grass-roots government according to law and standardize the law enforcement requirements, the key points made a clear exposition, to comprehensively improve the legal knowledge of law enforcement officers and law enforcement capacity, Awareness, procedural awareness and justness are of great help and promotion.

After the training, the participants reacted strongly, and said that through the training more deeply understand the party's central government's decision-making and the new administrative litigation law related content, the next step to learn the new knowledge and administrative law enforcement practice closely linked, For the region's rule of law to build new achievements and work hard.