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Strengthen the management of serious discipline held by the Institute of inspirational work conference

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August 10, 2014, Jiangsu Liu Hong law firm held the theme of "strengthen management, serious discipline" inspirational work conference, all the lawyers and administrative support staff attended the meeting.

Liu Hong, chairman of the meeting first pointed out: Jiangsu Liu Hong law firm since 1995, so will always be dedicated to customer service as a motto, according to the law for the parties to provide quality and efficient legal services as a purpose. After the 18th Party Congress, the Institute will pay attention to the people's livelihood, the heart of society, dedication and love according to the law for the parties to provide quality and efficient legal services closely linked to the line of professional ethics and practice discipline, the emergence of Dai Jue and a number of Enthusiastic dedication to the community, care for vulnerable groups, to become enthusiastic public service lawyers. In the past 20 years, no lawyer has been subject to disciplinary punishment or administrative punishment, it should be said that the lawyer's political business quality is good, worthy of the national outstanding law firm's glorious title!

Director Liu Hong pointed out: it should be clear to see: a small number of lawyers on the importance of practicing discipline is also a lack of adequate understanding of the current and future development of the lawyer industry out of tune. The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward: "We should carry out the propaganda and education of the legal system in depth, carry forward the spirit of socialist rule of law, establish the socialist concept of the rule of law, strengthen the awareness of law enforcement in the whole society, and improve the use of the rule of law and the rule of law to deepen reform and promote the development The party must lead the constitution and the law, the party must be in the constitution and the law within the activities of any organization or individual must not have the privilege of transcending the constitution and the law, never allowed to speak on behalf of the law, to the right "In October this year, the Fourth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Party will also make special resolutions on the rule of law." With the acceleration of the rule of law in the country, the legal services market and the legal service environment will be further optimized. The development of the lawyers industry will have a broader space, and the development of the lawyers will be higher for each of our lawyers Claim.

"Drum drum heavy hammer, fast horse whip". In order to meet the current and future social needs of the law, follow the firm for the majority of customers to provide quality and efficient legal services a customary purpose, Liu Hong director to further strengthen the management of the law, serious lawyers practice four points:

First, we must further strengthen the construction of the party branch of the law firm. "The rise and fall of the country, the responsibility of the people," the party branch through the in-depth implementation of the party's 18th and 18th session of the spirit of the Third Plenary Session, in particular, to earnestly learn to understand General Secretary Xi Jinping recently on strengthening and reform of the judicial work of the important instructions , Party members and lawyers to take the lead in the country to speed up the process of building the rule of law and the development of lawyers closely linked to everyone from a good lawyer to start, earnestly run every case, satisfied with the customer, So that the whole society to provide quality and efficient legal services.

Second, we should further strengthen the practice of lawyers practice. Earnestly implement the "Lawyers Law", "Law Firm in Jiangsu Province Accountability Law" and so on, to strengthen the practice of lawyers and legal concepts, from the management of the provisions of the beginning, from now on, serious lawyers practice discipline, each Lawyers have to do a model of law-abiding.

Third, we must further strengthen the practice of lawyers. Earnestly implement the practice of the Lawyers Association and the management of the provisions of the law, strictly regulate the case, handling cases, closing process, accept the implementation of personal review; closed documents filed complete, according to the requirements of binding, within one month after the filing of administrative offices.

Fourth, we must further strengthen the supervision of lawyers practice. In accordance with the provisions of the management of the law, the implementation of hierarchical level of law firm, director of the collection. Where the violation of the process, by the responsibility of the person responsible for investigation and correction; where violations of discipline, by the practice of disciplinary punishment.