I have won the title of "lawyer industry civilized unit in Jiangsu province"
The Justice Bureau of Yancheng City rates the director of the city's law office to visit me
I have been awarded the "65" middle term advanced collective title of Nanjing
Director Liu Hong was invited to give a special lecture on the units directly under the Nanjing Municipal Health Bureau
All lawyers learn "four in" the spirit of the plenary session
Jiangsu Liu Hong Law Firm held a series of training lawyers

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I have won the title of "lawyer industry civilized unit in Jiangsu province"

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  The day before, I received the Civilization Office of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Provincial Department of justice Lawyers Association decided (named in recognition of "Su division (2014) No. 3") and medals: I was awarded the "lawyer of the year 2010-2012 industry in Jiangsu province civilized unit" title. This is the honor of all lawyers in Liu Hong law firm in Jiangsu!

  Jiangsu law firm Liu Hong adhere to Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents", Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, conscientiously implement the spirit of the party's eighteen, and actively cultivate and practice the socialist core values, to carry out the activities to build spiritual civilization, has made significant achievements.

  The naming recognition, a total of 5 law firms in Nanjing won the honor.